What is the Process to Link Punjab National Bank Account with Aadhaar

Process to Link Punjab National Bank Account with Aadhaar

In terms of asset size PNB stands in the third position in India. It possess about 5000 branches spread across 764 cities, serving about 37 million customers. The bank has initiated the service India to tie Punjab national bank account with Aadhaar card The Government order that all the customers owning aadhaar card should connect their bank account and LPG consumer Identity.

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Source indicate that cut-off date for  bonding aadhaar with LPG companies is 31st day of august. This may prove to be quite chaotic for those who didn’t linked them. Linking of aadhaar with the bank account would make it easier to relocate the subsidy amount straight into the recipient’s account.

Documents needed to link aadhaar

  1. Aadhaar card’s original copy (obligatory document) and a duplicate copy of aadhaar card.
  2. Photocopy of PNB passbook.
  3. In case of misplace of aadhaar a new one can be obtained by submitting digital copy of the eaadhaar card.
  4. A written application to link aadhaar card with Punjab national bank account.

You need to take care that all the documents are duly attested.

Reach the bank with these papers; write an application to the manager of the PNB branch. It is quite a convenient task as there are no formalities to be done and no need to fill up the form for aadhaar card. Submission of original Aadhaar card, is not required. Just a verification is done they would return the aadhaar card.

To link aadhaar card with Punjab national bank account, the account holder should approach respective, substitute won’t be allowed. As we are aware about the benefits of aadhaar card, the whole scenario of money could be dealt through single aadhaar card, whether it is pension, MNREGA incentives, any scholarship, or any other matter related to money, it will  be through aadhaar card, the term DBT means direct bank transfer.

All you need is to submit the aadhaar number to bank and your subsidy or money would be directly transferred into your account in the bank.

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