UIDAI Regional Office, Ranchi – 834010

Find the details of the Ranchi Office of the AADHAAR / UIDAI Regional Office in RIADA Central Office Building Namkum Industrial Area of Ranchi. This will allow you to contact or connect with the associated authorities.


# Name Designation Tel No. E-mail
UIDAI Regional Office
1st Floor, RIADA Central Office Building Namkum Industrial Area,
Near STPI Lowadih, Ranchi – 834 010
Helpdesk Email ID: ro.helpdesk@uidai.net.in
1 Nandana Munshi Deputy Director General 0651-6450134 nandana.munshi@uidai.net.in
2 Ratan Kumar Ojha PS to DDG 0651-6450134 ratan.ojha@uidai.net.in
3 Deo Shankar Assistant Director General 0651-2460223 deoshankar@uidai.net.in
4 P.K.Upadhyay Assistant Director General 0651-6571358 pradeep.upadhyay@uidai.net.in
5 Rajesh Kumar Singh Assistant Director General (Bihar) 0612-2545388 rajesh.singh@uidai.net.in
6 Ajit Kumar Agrawal Deputy Director ajit.agrawal@uidai.net.in
7 Anil Kumar Deputy Director 0651-2460081 anil.kumar@uidai.net.in
8 Satyendra Choudhary Deputy Director 0651-2460091 satyendra.choudhary@uidai.net.in
9 Krishna Kumar E Section Officer
10 R. K. Prasad S.O 0651-2460081 rajesh.prasad@uidai.net.in
11 Chandresh Pratap Dwivedi Assistant chandresh.dwivedi@uidai.net.in
12 Domna Kujur Assistant domna.kujur@uidai.net.in
13 James Rakesh Ekka Assistant james.ekka@uidai.net.in
14 Datla Murli Rao Accounts Officer
15 Ajit Kumar Assistant Accounts Officer 0651-2460091 ajit.kumar@uidai.net.in
16 Anand Kumar Dey PS to ADG 0651-6571358 ananda.dey@uidai.net.in
17 Santosh Kumar PS to ADG santosh.kumar@uidai.net.in
18 Arun K Tiwary Manager – IEC Campaign Implementation (PMU) arun.tiwary@uidai.net.in
19 Dona Sihi Manager – IEC Campaign Implementation (Patna) 0612-2545388 dona.sihi@uidai.net.in
20 Shambhu Singh Sr. System Analyst (PMU) shambhu.singh@uidai.net.in
21 Rakesh Ranjan Sr. System Analyst
22 Prabhat Kumar System Analyst (Bihar) 0612-2545388 prabhat.kumar@uidai.net.in
23 Rakesh Kumar System Analyst (PMU) kumar.rakesh@uidai.net.in
24 Mr.Amarto Chakrabarty Manager State Project amarto.chakrabarty@uidai.net.in
25 Ashoke Kumar Choudhary Manager State Project ashoke.choudhary@uidai.net.in
26 Chiranjeet Chakraborty State Resource Person chiranjeet.chakraborty@uidai.net.in
27 Ravindra Mehta State Resource Person (Bihar) ravindra.mehta@uidai.net.in
28 Abhijit Gaurav Paty Field Support Engineer abhijit.paty@uidai.net.in
29 Prasun Hore Field Support Engineer (Bihar) 0612-2545388 prasun.hore@uidai.net.in
30 Pronabesh Dutta Field Support Engineer pronabesh.dutta@uidai.net.in

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