UIDAI Regional Office, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi – 110001

This post provides you detail about the UIDAI Regional Office in New Delhi Located in Pragati Maidan Metro Station Ground Floor. This will allow you to contact the respective AADHAAR / UIDAI Authorities for your designated work. 🙂


# Name Designation Tel No. E-mail
UIDAI Regional Office
Ground Floor, Pragati Maidan Metro Station,
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001
Greivance Cell: 011-23481126
Reception: 011-23481126
Fax No: 011-23481110
1 Sandeep Verma Deputy Director General 011-23481110 sandeep.verma@uidai.net.in
2 Kundan Singh PS to DDG 011-23481110 kundan.singh@uidai.net.in
3 Sunil Kumar Sharma Assistant Director General 011-23481104 sunil.sharma@uidai.net.in
4 Suman Kumar Assistant Director General 011-23481101 suman@uidai.net.in
5 Anil Kumar Goyal Deputy Director 011-23481105 anil.goyal@uidai.net.in
6 D. K. Chandel Deputy Director 011-23481107 dipendra.chandel@uidai.net.in
7 Himanshu Dwivedi Deputy Director 011-23481106 himanshu.dwivedi@uidai.net.in
8 A. K. Sharma Section Officer 011-23481108 ashok.sharma@uidai.nt.in
9 Geeta Marwah Section Officer 011-23481106 geeta.marwah@uidai.net.in
10 G Satish Babu Assistant 011-23481121 gadamsetty.babu@uidai.net.in
11 Kalpana Sharma Assistant 011-23481130
12 M. K. Mishra Assistant 011-23481125 mohan.mishra@uidai.net.in
13 Preetam Singh Senior Accounts Officer 011-23481120
14 Seema Sharma Assistant Accounts Officer 011-23481121
15 Akanksha Singh Manager- IEC Campaign Implementation 011-23481118 akanksha.singh@uidai.net.in
16 Naveen Kumar System Analyst 011-23481131
17 Kanika Gupta Manager State Project (Delhi) 011-23481123 kanika.gupta@uidai.net.in
18 Syed Uzair Ahmed Manager State Project (Rajasthan) 011-23481124 uzair.syed@uidai.net.in
19 Abhay Anand Sahu Field Support Engineer (Delhi) abhayanand.sahu@uidai.net.in
20 Abhay Gupta Field Support Engineer (Delhi) abhay.gupta@uidai.net.in
21 Anupam Rathod Field Support Engineer (Delhi) anupam.rathor@uidai.net.in
22 Manik Gupta Field Support Engineer (Delhi) manik.gupta@uidai.net.in
23 Rahul Pasricha Field Support Engineer (Delhi) rahulpasricha@uidai.net.in
24 Ravi Shankar Sharma Field Support Engineer (MP) ravishankar.sharma@uidai.net.in
25 Aditya Shrivastava State Resource Person (U.K.) aditya.shrivastava@uidai.net.in
26 Anirudh Kumar Sharma State Resource Person (Rajasthan) anirudh.sharma@uidai.net.in
27 Shahnawaz Ahmad SRP Delhi 011-23481127 shahnawaz.ahmad@uidai.net.in
28 Umesh Gupta State Resource Person (MP) umesh.gupta@uidai.net.in

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