UIDAI Regional Office, Chandigarh – 160017

Find the details of the UIDAI Regional Office in Chandigarh. The Details below allows you to know the information about the Regional Office of UIDAI in Chandigarh allowing you to quickly connect to the concerned authorities.


# Name Designation Tel No. E-mail
UIDAI Regional Office
SCO 139-141, 3rd and 4th Floor, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh-160017
Greivance Cell: Contact No: 0172-2711947
Fax No: 0172-2711717
Email ID: grievancecell.rochd@uidai.net.in
1 Keshni Anand Arora Deputy Director General 0172-2771122 keshni.arora@uidai.net.in
2 Amit Singal Assistant Director General 0172-2771213 amit.singal@uidai.net.in
3 Sanjay Kumar Assistant Director General 0172-2771215 sanjay.kumar@uidai.net.in
4 Sanjeev Nagpal Assistant Director General 0172-2771214 sanjeev.nagpal@uidai.net.in
5 Vivek Kumar Assistant Director General 0172-2771216 vivek.kumar@uidai.net.in
6 Kulbhushan Goyal Deputy Director 0172-2704139 goyal.kulbhushan@uidai.net.in
7 V. P. Tyagi Deputy Director 0172-2714141 ved.tyagi@uidai.net.in
8 Amit Chaudhary Section Officer 0172-2771230 amit.chaudhry@uidai.net.in
9 Prem Nagpal Section Officer 0172-2714141 prem.nagpal@uidai.net.in
10 Rajesh Gupta Section Officer 0172-2714141 rajesh.gupta@uidai.net.in
11 Ajay Aggarwal Assistant 0172-2771230 ajay.agarwal@uidai.net.in
12 Phool Singh Assistant phool.singh@uidai.net.in
13 Rajeev Kumar Senior Accounts Officer 0172-2770277 rajeev.kumar@uidai.net.in
14 Anuradha Assistant Accounts Officer 0172-2770277 anuradha@uidai.net.in
15 Vikas Sharma Manager – IEC Campaign Implementation vikas.sharma@uidai.net.in
16 Paramdeep S Bhatia Sr. System Analyst paramdeep.bhatia@uidai.net.in
17 Sachin Nautiyal System Analyst sachin.nautiyal@uidai.net.in
18 Jitender Kumar Manager State Project jitender.kumar@uidai.net.in
19 Harish Bhatia State Resource Person srpdit.chd@nic.in
20 Naveen Bansal State Resource Person naveen.bansal@uidai.net.in
21 Raman Abrol State Resource Person raman.abrol@uidai.net.in
22 Amit Kumar Sinha Field Support Engineer amit.sinha@uidai.net.in
23 Apandeep Attrey Field Support Engineer apandeep.attrey@uidai.net.in
24 Amit Kumar Field Support Engineer amitkumar@uidai.net.in
25 Abhinav Midha Field Support Engineer abhinav.midha@uidai.net.in
26 Deepak Field Support Engineer deepak.kumar1@uidai.net.in
27 Siddharth Srivastava Field Support Engineer siddharth.srivastava@uidai.net.in

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