Initiative to link Aadhaar card to voter ID gets poor reaction

The event happened in the city of KOLHAPUR. An Initiative was taken in order to link Aadhaar card to voter ID ended up in getting poor response.


As the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) elections are approaching, the district administration has been assertive to connect voter ID cards of all municipal residents to their Aadhaar cards beforehand the polls. One needs to link up the aadhaar before he/she could cast a vote. The probable reasons for people not connecting their aadhaar card to the voter Id is nothing but the lack of awareness about the benefits of the schemes introduced by the government in favour of a common civilian. He or she could certainly claim the benefits of such schemes if they have their aadhaar cards linked to the voter Ids. This practice will actually make a difference at a larger scale if practiced. AADHAAR is a Unique Identification Code that gives you a unique identity.

The drive conducted, however, has seen pitiable reaction in the city when equated with other portions of the district. Only 2.5 per cent voters from Kolhapur South and Kolhapur North areas have connected their Aadhaar cards, however in remote districts like Radhanagari and Chandgad, it positions at more than 10%. District administration officials at the present want local political figures to take measures to upsurge the percentage of relating, which will be benefiting to keep the forged voting in check.

The place is divided into a total of 77 wards, of which 24 wards come under the Kolhapur South assembly constituency segment and 51 of them come under Kolhapur North.

Sangita Chougule,who is the District election officer, stated that “We have conducted a drive to connect Aadhaar cards with the voter ID cards in the district. We’ve realized that voters from rural community and taluka areas are passionate about the drive for relating aadhaar with their respective voter Ids, but response from the urban doesn’t show the expected amount of interest in the initiative for the linking process. It appears that they are not concerned in relating their Aadhar cards in spite of having relaxed access.”

She further mentioned “Primary figures put forward that only 2.5% of the total 3,12,000 electorates from Kolhapur South have connected their Aadhaar card to their voter ID cards. The fraction is identical in Kolhapur North. In constituencies like Chandgad and Radhanagari, it is 10%”.

Kolhapur Municipal Corporation elections will take place in October and the election commission has fixed a time limit of July-end to tie all the voters with their Aadhaar cards. By October it is expected that people would enrol more and more for linking their aadhaar card with their voter Id.

According to her aadhaar serves as a valuable id proof and this linking of Aadhaar card is crucial and will turn out to be important in the future. This will help stop bogus voting, forge voting and duplication of the electorates, which will principally toughen the right to vote. Only legitimate person would be able to cast his vote. Statesmen should come frontward to support the drive as per her say.

In the meantime, the KMC deputy commissioner, Ashvini Waghmale, who is put in charge of the initiative in city, says that “The figure of voters that have connected their Aadhaar number is additional than the actual statistics indicated. The work of data entry is pending yet.”

Waghmale mentioned that the administration has engaged up in the issue on priority basis. “A total of 344 BLOs or Booth Level Officers are employed in city limits and because of them we have started a consciousness campaign among inhabitants. The BLOs have been assigned a job to work three days a week to reach the targets,” she said.

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