How to Register Aadhaar number for LPG connection?

Now Aadhaar – The Unique Identification Number allows you to get Subsidy on LPG/Gas Connection through its Unique service known as Aadhaar Seeding / RASF. To Apply for this Service you may follow the details below: 

Resident Self Service :

Step 1: Enter your aadhaar address locationStep 2: Enter your details
Step 3: Choose Benefit Type
Step 4: Submit the button.

Register Here 

Before Submission please check if you have given :

** Photo Copy of Aadhaar Card
** Photo Copy of First page of DGCC / Blue / Red Book or recent delivery reciept or SV document
** Address Proof (Required only in case of your present LPG delivery address is different from address in Aadhaar Card) Information as asked in points 1 to 6 in “Aadhaar Registration Sheet” 

Need Help?
For Support call as at 18002333555
Write us through our website at,
For IOCL :
For BPCL :
For HPCL :

Click Here to Know More About : Aadhaar Seeding Application

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