How to Check your Aadhar Card Status Now

How to Check your Aadhar Card Status

There are many ways we can check our Aadhar Card Status. You can either check the status through the official website, phone call or through SMS.

Follow the instructions illustrated below to learn how to check your Aadhar Card status.

Check AADHAR Card Status Latest
Check AADHAR Card Status Latest


  • Enter your Enrolment ID and Date/Time of registration.
  • You will also need to input a verification captcha code to prove that you’re a human.
  • Hit CHECK STATUS and if your application is processed, it should display your card status.
  • Refresh the webpage if any connection error pops up.


If you’re Aadhar card status is processed and out for delivery, you can check the Postal status of your delivery package as well through the official India Post tracking page illustrated below.

Click here to Check the Delivery Status

(Follow the similar procedure, Enter your enrollment number along with the Date / Time details).

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Check AADHAR Card Status Through Phone:


If you do not  have access to the internet or if you are unable to access the official webpage depicted earlier, you can also know your Aadhar Card Status through an SMS.

Send SMS: ”UID STATUS <14 digit temporary enrollment number>”  to the number 51969.

For Example: “UID STATUS 12345678912345″ (Without the quotes).

If your enrollment is processed already, you should receive your Aadhar number through SMS. If not, you will receive a generic status description.

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