How to get Appointment for Aadhar Card Enrollment

The Days for standing in a long queue and wait for your turn to enroll for an Aadhaar card are over. With the growing demands of public and government, The government is launching new service for the trail. Government of India has authorized UIDAI for issuing Aadhaar card to all the citizens and they have came up with the facility of online booking of appointment for Aadhaar card. The online appointment service for the Aadhaar card enrollment will make enrollment process more systematic. However, only few states can opt for this facility right now.

The Online forms are available for the online booking of Aadhar Card containing details such as name, e-mail id, Number, Date, Place near by your place according to your preference etc. The trail service only allows four people at a time for the enrollment booking. Follow the given steps to book your appointment:

  • Click here to go to the online appointment form.

  • Then enter your details correctly. Give the date for the appointment followed by the verification code. Letter should be typaed exactly same as they are case sensitive.

  • After filling the details click on “Fix Appointment”, after doing you will get an acknowledgement slip which will contain a Token number save it for future reference.

  • The slip will contain all the needed details like Place of appointment, Date and Time of Appointment Number of persons for whom appointment has been fixed, Registrar name, Contact person and Enrollment Agency.


Steps to Reschedule the Appointment:

The service for reschedule and cancelation of the appointment is also provided by the Unique Identification authority of India. Any person can reschedule and cancel their appointment according to their convenience. Follow the given steps to reschedule or cancel your appointment:

  • Click here to open option to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

  • Then fill in the token number generated while taking the appointment i.e. is available on the acknowledgement slip.

  • click on either “reschedule” or “cancel appointment” based on your preference or need.

With the appointment fixed you need to visit the centre with the appropriate details and proof IDs along with you such as Address Proof, Proof of Date of birth, and Identity Proof etc for the successful process.  The whole process is arranged by government hence if someone is asking for money its illegal so report about it. The facility is for all the citizens of India and its free for us.

Talking about this online booking facility, UIDAI Deputy Director General, Ashok Dalwai says: “This online booking facility has been rolled out now. We have started with only two centres, which can be seen at the website. We will be gradually improving and extending to other centres.”

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