How to Download e-Aadhaar Card Online

Download eAadhaar Card Online

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Easiest Way to Download eAadhaar Card

Are you Still Afraid to downloading eAadhaar card online? Because if you are this article will put you in ease. Here are the easiest and step by step method to download your eAadhaar Card created by our team. Download e-Aadhaar Card Online free of cost without paying anything, now you can get your Aadhaar Card in your hands before the Postal Aadhaar Card reaches your home address. I’m going string to the point in the easiest way to download your eAadhaar card Just few steps:

  1. Go to UIDAI eAadhaar Card Download Portal –

  2. Input the required Details Enrolment Number, Date and Time and then your Recipt Number.

  3. Enter your Pin Code (Postal Code) and then

  4. Enter the text from the box shown and Hit Submit.


If Aadhaar Card is generated:

if your aadhar card is generated you will forward to next page, where you can download your eAadhaar Card.

  1. Enter your Enrollment Number and a Mobile Number.

  2. you will get a Pin to that mobile number in 60 seconds.

  3. Enter that PIN in Computer Screen.

  4. Now you can download your eAadhaar Card

  5. Print Your eAadhaar card.


If Aadhaar Card is Not Generated

If your eaadhaar card is not yet generated then you will get the following errors.

  • “ID provided by you is not available. Please check back after few days”. – If this error is shown then you need to wait a week more and check again. This error occur because your ID is not reach the main office. This process take some time. If it shows the same error then you need to wait again a week more.

  • “Your Aadhaar enrollment has failed. Your Aadhaar no could not be generated due to a data/process error in your enrollment. Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrollment centre”. – This error occur because there is some ID don’t match at the main office or Some ID must be missing. If this error is shown then you need to go to aadhaar card enrollment centre and need to ask the people there about this.

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