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How to use Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG (DBTL) Scheme

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Know what is Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG Scheme and How to Use the DBTL Scheme. 

The DBTL scheme is recently introduced to safeguard your LPG subsidy in bank and also to prevent its misuse. The scheme was to be propelled in 54 districts by 15th November 2014 and the rest of country on 1st January 2015.

You must note that if you had already joined the previous DBTL scheme and have got the advance/subsidy in your Bank Account then in that case you need not require to do anything again.


Brief about the DBTL Scheme

  • Consumers are required to own a bank account to be the part of the scheme and obtain LPG subsidy.
  • Consumers will then get a onetime perpetual advance in their account before buying the first market priced LPG cylinder.
  • Consumers will get subsidy in their bank account on the basis of their entitlement of subsidized cylinders.
  • when buyers join the scheme they will get cylinders at:
    * Subsidized price for three months
    * Market price for next three months, but then the n subsidy due will be specified to them if they become a part of the scheme within these 3 months i.e. till 14.05.2015.
  • As the consequence from 15.05.2015, all LPG buyers will get cylinders at market price and only those who are linked to the scheme will obtain one time permanent advance & subsidy after the date of joining.
  • For  connecting to the scheme and get subsidy, buyers should choose, Option 1 in case they possess Aadhaar Card and Option 2 in case they don’t have Aadhaar Card:


Aadhaar based Cash Transfer

Link your UID number or the Aadhaar Number to your bank account by filling the Form 1* and submitting at bank branch or drop box at LPG supplier.

Link 12 digit Aadhaar Number with your LPG Consumer Number in any of the below mentioned  ways:

Manually: Submit Form 2* to the LPG supplier.
Use Call Center:  Call 1800-2333-555 and register the UID number.
Using Web:  Go to After logging to the website click on Start Now and follow the given procedure.

Non-Aadhaar Cash Transfer

  • Submit your account details:
    Manually: Submit Form 4* to the LPG distributor.
    Using Web: Go to and enter the bank account particulars there.
    Submit your LPG Customer ID specifics in Form 3* to the bank branch.


Note: Form 1, 2, 3 and 4 are available at and are also accessible from the distributor

Enrolment Centers

Aadhar Card Enrolment Centers in Muzaffarnagar, Uttarakhand

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Here is the List of All the Aadhaar Card Centers in Muzzaffarnagar, Uttarakhand. You can find the information associated with the Aadhar Card Enrollment Centers which includes the Address of the Center, Contact Person, Phone Numbers, The Start and Closing date of Enrolment is also given.

SNO Centre Summary Contact Person Mobile No. Start Date Closing Date
Jansath, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh – 251201
9690900016 25/06/2014

2 Jan Seva
Kendra, Vill Satheri, Block Khatauli, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh
– 251201
9690900016 30/12/2014

3 Jan Seva
Kendra, Village Bhainsi, Block Khatauli, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar
Pradesh – 251201
9358027604 30/12/2014

4 Jan seva
Kendra, Near luxmi dharm kanta, Village kukra, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffarnagar,
Uttar Pradesh – 251001
Kumar Saini
9027737072 30/12/2014



SNO Centre Summary Contact Person Mobile No. Start Date Closing Date
1 Shop
No.29, Palika Bazar, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffarnagar, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar
Pradesh – 251201
Mr Gaurav
9554905444 05/08/2014

2 nagar
palika khatauli, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh – 251201
8267881116 19/12/2014
3 teshil
office, Khatauli, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh – 251201
8267881116 20/12/2014
4 Sugar MIll,
Khatauli, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh – 251201
8267881116 20/12/2014
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How to Check your Aadhar Card Status Now

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Check AADHAR Card Status Latest

How to Check your Aadhar Card Status

There are many ways we can check our Aadhar Card Status. You can either check the status through the official website, phone call or through SMS.

Follow the instructions illustrated below to learn how to check your Aadhar Card status.

Check AADHAR Card Status Latest

Check AADHAR Card Status Latest


  • Enter your Enrolment ID and Date/Time of registration.
  • You will also need to input a verification captcha code to prove that you’re a human.
  • Hit CHECK STATUS and if your application is processed, it should display your card status.
  • Refresh the webpage if any connection error pops up.


If you’re Aadhar card status is processed and out for delivery, you can check the Postal status of your delivery package as well through the official India Post tracking page illustrated below.

Click here to Check the Delivery Status

(Follow the similar procedure, Enter your enrollment number along with the Date / Time details).

Also Read: Download e-Aadhar Letter Online.


Check AADHAR Card Status Through Phone:


If you do not  have access to the internet or if you are unable to access the official webpage depicted earlier, you can also know your Aadhar Card Status through an SMS.

Send SMS: ”UID STATUS <14 digit temporary enrollment number>”  to the number 51969.

For Example: “UID STATUS 12345678912345″ (Without the quotes).

If your enrollment is processed already, you should receive your Aadhar number through SMS. If not, you will receive a generic status description.

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What is the Process to Link Punjab National Bank Account with Aadhaar

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punjab national bank

Process to Link Punjab National Bank Account with Aadhaar

In terms of asset size PNB stands in the third position in India. It possess about 5000 branches spread across 764 cities, serving about 37 million customers. The bank has initiated the service India to tie Punjab national bank account with Aadhaar card The Government order that all the customers owning aadhaar card should connect their bank account and LPG consumer Identity.

punjab national bank

Source indicate that cut-off date for  bonding aadhaar with LPG companies is 31st day of august. This may prove to be quite chaotic for those who didn’t linked them. Linking of aadhaar with the bank account would make it easier to relocate the subsidy amount straight into the recipient’s account.

Documents needed to link aadhaar

  1. Aadhaar card’s original copy (obligatory document) and a duplicate copy of aadhaar card.
  2. Photocopy of PNB passbook.
  3. In case of misplace of aadhaar a new one can be obtained by submitting digital copy of the eaadhaar card.
  4. A written application to link aadhaar card with Punjab national bank account.

You need to take care that all the documents are duly attested.

Reach the bank with these papers; write an application to the manager of the PNB branch. It is quite a convenient task as there are no formalities to be done and no need to fill up the form for aadhaar card. Submission of original Aadhaar card, is not required. Just a verification is done they would return the aadhaar card.

To link aadhaar card with Punjab national bank account, the account holder should approach respective, substitute won’t be allowed. As we are aware about the benefits of aadhaar card, the whole scenario of money could be dealt through single aadhaar card, whether it is pension, MNREGA incentives, any scholarship, or any other matter related to money, it will  be through aadhaar card, the term DBT means direct bank transfer.

All you need is to submit the aadhaar number to bank and your subsidy or money would be directly transferred into your account in the bank.

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How to change or update the Mobile Number with Aadhaar Card online

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Change Or Update your Aadhaar Card Mobile Number

As the increasing demand of the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI, the new service are also provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India for updating  the following details in Aadhar Card online –

– Name
– Gender
– Date of Birth
– Address
– Mobile Number

Here are the steps for online updating the Mobile Number with Aadhaar Card or UIDAI – 

1. Visit the UIDAI website

2. Enter your Aadhaar Card Number and test provided in the image and click on the Send OTP button.

If you have already updated the Mobile Number then a One Time Password or OTP will come to your mobile.

You have not registered your mobile number with the Aadhaar Card Authority then below screen will be displayed –

Now enter your latest Mobile Number and text provided on the image and click on “Send OTP” button available just right side of your Mobile Number.

After clicking “Send OTP” button you will get an OTP of 6-digit number on your Mobile and it will be valid for 15 minutes.

3. Now below screen will be displayed –

Now, enter the received OTP in the box and click on “Login” button.

4. After the login, below screen will be displayed –

Select the checkbox beside the Mobile Number for updating your Mobile Number to Aadhaar Card and click on “Submit” button.

5. After submitting the below screen will be displayed –

Click on “Submit Update Request” button.

6. After the Submit Update Request, Below the review screen will be displayed –

Review your mobile number, If any changes then click on “Modify” button.

If your Mobile Number is correct then select the “I confirm that…” checkbox and click on “Proceed” button to continue.

7. Now, below confirmation screen will be displayed for the confirmation of your Mobile Number Update-

You will also get a confirmation SMS on your mobile number for Submission of Mobile Number Update. You have also the option to take the print out of the same.

Now logout with this website by clicking “Logout” link.

After a few days the Mobile Number will be updated with your Aadhaar Card. This services are available throughout the internet for the citizen of the India. This service save the citizen time and provide its benefits at your home. There are no restrictions on updating your detail as long as you can verify your detail.

These services are provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India, so they are completely secure and safe.

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How to Download e-Aadhaar Card Online

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Download eAadhaar Card Online

aadhar card logo

Easiest Way to Download eAadhaar Card

Are you Still Afraid to downloading eAadhaar card online? Because if you are this article will put you in ease. Here are the easiest and step by step method to download your eAadhaar Card created by our team. Download e-Aadhaar Card Online free of cost without paying anything, now you can get your Aadhaar Card in your hands before the Postal Aadhaar Card reaches your home address. I’m going string to the point in the easiest way to download your eAadhaar card Just few steps:

  1. Go to UIDAI eAadhaar Card Download Portal –

  2. Input the required Details Enrolment Number, Date and Time and then your Recipt Number.

  3. Enter your Pin Code (Postal Code) and then

  4. Enter the text from the box shown and Hit Submit. 


If Aadhaar Card is generated:

if your aadhar card is generated you will forward to next page, where you can download your eAadhaar Card.

  1. Enter your Enrollment Number and a Mobile Number.

  2. you will get a Pin to that mobile number in 60 seconds.

  3. Enter that PIN in Computer Screen.

  4. Now you can download your eAadhaar Card

  5. Print Your eAadhaar card.


If Aadhaar Card is Not Generated

If your eaadhaar card is not yet generated then you will get the following errors.

  • “ID provided by you is not available. Please check back after few days”. – If this error is shown then you need to wait a week more and check again. This error occur because your ID is not reach the main office. This process take some time. If it shows the same error then you need to wait again a week more.

  • “Your Aadhaar enrollment has failed. Your Aadhaar no could not be generated due to a data/process error in your enrollment. Please re-enroll yourself at the nearest enrollment centre”. – This error occur because there is some ID don’t match at the main office or Some ID must be missing. If this error is shown then you need to go to aadhaar card enrollment centre and need to ask the people there about this.


Aadhaar – LPG subsidy in 20 District from June 1

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Aadhar – LPG subsidy in 20 District from June 1

From 1st June 20 districts in 10 different states provide Aadhaar based LPG subsidy was launched by the UPA government for the public demand.The rate of the LPG is sky rocketing around the India. The UPA government will provide subsidy on the LPG for general public Requirements. Rs. 435 will be credited in advance into the bank accounts of the LPG consumers in the districts from June 1 as the subsidy on the LPG.

The Public has to submit their Aadhaar card Number with their bank account number to receive their subsidy at their nearest LPG service provider. The subsidy amount on the LPG cylinders for around 65 lakh families from the 20 districts will be provided directly into the bank account of the consumer. The government targets maximum regions to implement this scheme before the 2014 elections. Petroleum Minister Veerappa Moily said that within 2 months of phase 1 beginning the scheme will be implemented in 72 more districts. Oil companies are also ready to start this in other regions of the country.

The government have budget of around Rs. 3000 crore in these 20 districts in a year as subsidy. This budget is set exclusively by the government to eliminating black-marketing and save plenty. The government will save around Rs. 10000 crore LPG subsidy amount in a year with the implementation of this scheme all over the country.

The Government implemented certain bunch of new rule for the Subsidy and Connection on the LPG.

  • The people are requested to link their Aadhaar number with their bank accounts within the next 15 days by the Government of India.

  • The subsidy will not be provided to those who will not link Aadhaar number with bank account.

  • The Aadhaar card has also been made mandatory for obtaining new LPG connection in these 20 districts.

  • Those who fail to submit Aadhaar and bank account on new connection will not get subsidized cylinders.

The government has also provided the service for resolving issues and grievances related to the scheme implementation from June 1 in various district. Also consumers can call on the toll-free helpline number 18002333555 for any grievance or difficulty. Soon E-mail will also be used to address the problems of the consumers with the help of a unique email address for each company. The government only want genuine consumers to beat black market. With the help of this scheme the government will distinguish genuine costumers and remove all the other consumers.

All the public in this 20 district will able to benefit by subside on LPG from 1st June. The government of India have high ambition related to this scheme. This Scheme is for the General Public of India. For any quries related to this scheme you can contact to their helpline service.

For more detail visit