Aadhaar is the World’s Largest Biometric ID system

The Aadhaar card has arose perhaps the world’s biggest biometric identification programmes with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) delivering nearly 82 crore cards. Aadhaar card serves as a very important ID proof for every citizen residing in India. It includes generation of a unique 12 digit unique number based on the verification of

How to Check your Aadhar Card Status Now

How to Check your Aadhar Card Status There are many ways we can check our Aadhar Card Status. You can either check the status through the official website, phone call or through SMS. Follow the instructions illustrated below to learn how to check your Aadhar Card status. Primarily, you require your temporary enrollment number along with date

Process to Link Andhra Bank Account with Aadhaar Card

PROCESS TO LINK ANDHRA BANK ACCOUNT WITH AADHAAR CARD Andhra bank is a medium-sized public sector bank, its network includes 2000+branches, 15 extensions counters, it has 38 satellite offices and 1098 ATMs set up across the country. The major question that stands up is how to add aadhaar number to andhra bank account? So taking this into consideration, RBI has made